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Pushing the boundaries of Instagram's nudity clause, Duncan showed off his ridiculously ripped body along with a caption bigger than his biceps.

"I stand here in Thailand reflecting and laughing that this body of mine is about to play the part of a drag queen called tick in a musical," he wrote."Yet I've been stuffing my face all week with as much Thai food as I can possibly eat, massaged from head to toe like a piece of wagu beef , and can't help but think 'I really like that colour purple on the orchid in the mirror' it's safe to say I am a gay man."Happy pride everyone, I'm off to Japan now.

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James also worked for Haven Holidays as a Havenmate on the Isle of Wight and at West Bay in Dorset. In continental Europe, where "Can't Stop a River" was released a day earlier than in the UK, it similarly proved unpopular, dropping out of the singles charts in many countries such as France, Turkey, Germany, and Belgium.

Milldown School (Blandford Forum), Corfe Hills School (Broadstone), and Sidmouth College (East Devon).

At the age of 15 he played Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

But I’m so lucky because she’s so accepting,” he told Closer magazine.

The star added that he would like more children in the future – especially as his little girl has been so accepting.

“I broke his heart to the point where he couldn’t be with me in that way any more and ended it”.

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