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No messaging app is totally foolproof, but business users with privacy concerns would be wise to check out these five secure messengers for i Phone, Android, Windows Phone and Black Berry devices.

Secure, free and easy to use, Signal Private Messenger (available on i OS and Android) is our favorite secure texting app overall.

That includes the ability to set up encrypted groups for private conversations with your entire work team.

Whats App cofounder Jan Koum has said he's deeply committed to user privacy because he grew up in the Soviet Union during the 1980s, when his mother and other adults routinely assumed that authorities eavesdropped on their phone calls.'After you compose a message in One One and press send, the message is encrypted before leaving your device using 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES cryptographic algorithms, and sent over HTTPS to our secure server,' the company wrote on its website.

One of the problems with using Facebook’s chat option on the web is that it appears in a small window.

A secure messaging application will let you safely exchange private information with employees, clients and co-workers, without worrying that your data could be compromised. Usually, it means that your messages are encrypted before they even leave your device.

You can see what's going on in your nearby area, chat with others, and even comment on other people's posts without letting anyone know who you are. You can private message to connect with others, and tag your friends anonymously so they can get in on the action.

If you want the freedom to speak your mind, the Dark Chat app lets you do just that.

Each of these apps has been designed with security before everything else, which should make them pretty trustworthy.

The security of Apple’s own i Message system is often the topic of discussion among skeptics and concerned users alike.

You might ask what makes these apps so special: you can do it all anonymously.

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