As will be seen later, because of the proximity of the house with Running Creek, the 100 yard estimate makes more sense.Perhaps the newspaper article mistyped 400 for 100.Notice that in this appended note Evans says that the Hungate killings occurred in the afternoon.Thus it was impossible for him to be aware of it in Denver at p.m., June 11, which is implied in the original missive.


Non-residents under 17 years of age may purchase and hunt with the Youth Hunting License (Type 169).THE PROBLEM: The principle problem posed by depredating whales to fishers is the loss of catch, costing potentially tens of thousands of dollars a day.One fisherman in Tasmania estimates that he loses about ,700 US per day when killer whales target his boat.In British Columbia, killer whales and sperm whales are the cetacean species most commonly implicated in depredation events.This is an issue not only for the fishers but also for the whales who are feeding in this way.Hook and line fisheries, like trolling and long-lining, are most affected in B.

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