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Introduction The audio equipment industry has really had it good for the last few years.

While I was growing up, there were really only two formats to choose from when you watched movies at home.

While no one has seen an apparition, some events are too weird to be coincidental. Togo boxes falling off the freezer, looked like someone just swipes them off with their arm or something.

A worker claims to have pictures of the ghosts 1 caught ectoplasm on the film , There is a history to the property since the building has only been there 9 years. When they open some mornings one of the TV’s will be on and the night bartenders and workers swear they made sure everything had been turned off. Dimes in the till on each side you put them back and a while later they are back where they shouldn't be, and lots more. Their have been reports of a ghostly apparition floating along the stone walls of the cemetery.

Located in Nimrud, Iraq, the immense palace was richly decorated with sophisticated alabaster reliefs. Although the palace is now covered with the sands of a ruined city, its amazing architecture and history has not been forgotten."We can do it once more, if you like." Again, nothing. "Number one, there is no Masonic handshake," he says."I'm afraid my handshake is a perfectly normal one. It is one of the great myths." There are no handshakes? "Really, really, really." Mr Brown has taken an oath not to disclose the signs used by Freemasons to recognise each other, so maybe he has to say this. "The worry of this myth is that if I extend a handshake and the other person returns it, we would immediately be doing business to the detriment of someone else." The Grand Secretary is here, in his office in the Freemasons' Hall in London, to discuss a report called The Future of Freemasonry, commissioned by his organisation.Even though it was a dramatic act, it was successful – the palace’s fame has withstood the passing of time and its unexpected destruction.Nimrud (Kalhu) is located near the northern part of Baghdad. These archaeologists (and several others) took many of the most expensive and imposing decorations from the palace to the collections of museums around the world.The craftsmen employed for this project had to rebuild what preceded the palace and then decorate it with the utmost luxury to please their king.

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