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The wealthy Ft Lauderdale family police suspect of having a motive related to the execution-style killing of a highly respected Florida State University law professor had nothing to do with the murder, according to the live-in girlfriend of a family member.

Umchinda, 27, a Thailand-born credit union worker who started dating playboy periodontist Charles Adelson eight months ago, tells Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview she doesn't believe the theory that Adelson or other family members paid the two to carry out the killing of Markel.

Police claim Charles Adelson, 39, (left) knew one of the two career criminals who carried out the 2014 execution-style killing of FSU law professor Daniel Markel (right) who was once married to Adelson's sister, Wendi Adelson Details in recently released paperwork spell out ties between one of the two men - who allegedly drove a Prius six-and-a-half hours to north Florida for the killing - and the close-knit family of Markel's ex-wife.

On July 18, 2014, at about 11am, according to the probable cause affidavit, police called to Markel's modest home in the quiet neighborhood of Betton Hills found the professor sitting in the driver's seat of his car in the open garage with the engine running.

After Wendi filed her divorce petition in September 2012, Markel returned home to find, the charging papers read, 'his family gone, a majority of the contents of the house missing and the paperwork of the dissolution of marriage displayed on his bed.'The atmosphere, however, remained poisoned as Markel started questioning in court papers the veracity of his ex-wife's financial disclosures and accused her of hiding ample financial assets from him and the court.

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