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Out of the 30 million users, a huge chunk of 28 million users are active on mobile devices.

I always prefer that pie charts and doughtnut charts consistently start at the top, but these are aligned with the callouts to the right. Here’s a run-through of the state of social media in Thailand based on an infographic by the DAAT (Digital Advertising Association of Thailand).Social Media Subscribers in Thailand Facebook is in the lead with 30 million subscribers, followed by You Tube at 26.2 million subscribers and twitter and Instagram at 4.5 million and 1.7 million respectively.As of 2014, the Amish have set up shop in 30 states (plus Ontario), from traditional strongholds such as Pennsylvania and Indiana to more recent communities in Colorado, Maine, and Tennessee.Three states have long been home to large numbers of Amish.I also prefer the slices to be sequenced in descending order.

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