Dating an alcholic Camsex that take american express

Because the alcoholic already has a date and his or her name is alcohol.And, unfortunately for you, alcohol is THE ONE AND ONLY for the alcoholic. Alcohol will always be the priority of the active alcoholic.You said you’ve met recently, so I would imagine there’s plenty that you don’t know about each other.

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He was charming and attentive, and he made me feel like he would never be unfaithful to me.I feel kind of heartless writing that, but I’m thinking in terms of what I would tell my closest female friends or my sister if they asked me what you asked me.There’s nothing wrong with being a supportive friend to him while he figures out his alcohol addiction.When I asked him about the alcohol smell, he chalked it up to the scent of his cologne, and I believed him.And when more and more people would ask me about it, I’d repeat his answer, because why would he lie?I can say this much: When you date someone, you date all of them.

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