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On January 18, 2011, they released Season One, Volume One, which features the first 10 episodes of the season.It also introduced "a new kind of hour-long drama, a series that focused on the domestic and professional lives of a group of young urban professionals, a socio-economic category of increasing interest to the television industry [...] its stylistic and story-line innovations led critics to respect it for being 'as close to the level of an art form as weekly television ever gets,' as the New York Times put it." Even after its cancellation in 1991, it continued to influence television programming, "in everything from the look and sound of certain TV advertisements, to other series with feminine sensibilities and preoccupations with the transition from childhood to maturity (Sisters), to situation comedies about groups of friends who talk all the time (Seinfeld)." The show also influenced the British television series Cold Feet, which featured similar storylines and character types.My inner butterflies were settled as soon as I set foot in the bar.Signing up is quick and easy and before you know it you could be heading out on a first date.These include a huge mix of people -- some maybe in it for the money, some for love, some to try something new.Overpopulation Poverty equals families eager to gain some extra financial support from their daughters' boyfriends/husbands, and hence encouraging of hookups of all kinds.I asked a friend who had lived in Philippines what he thought, and his answer is worth sharing: "Rather than one single explanation, I will throw out several: Long colonial history, including long acceptance of international relationships, e.g., Macarthur and his mistress.English proficiency and Catholic background equals desirability for many Western guys, who find them easier to relate to than Thai or Vietnamese or Indo or other Asian girlfriends Many websites, both free and pay, that cater to Filipinas and foreign hookups of all kinds.

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Running from 1987 to 1991 (during the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush, as well as the Gulf War), the series examines how this group of friends learns to negotiate their prior involvement with the early 1970s counterculture as young adults, in contrast to the yuppie lifestyle which dominated American culture during the 1980s.

The title of the show was designed as thirtysomething (with a lowercase "t") by Kathie Broyles, who combined the words of the original title, Thirty Something.

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