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If you fear rejection, intimacy, abandonment or commitment, you aren’t alone.It’s normal at some point in your life to harbor these feelings and, in fact, once you accept and know what your fears are you can begin to deal with and conquer them to make this your best year yet.Granted, these could be your fears "Each of these fears can lead to specific and damaging behaviors that are likely to sabotage your relationships—even as you are struggling to maintain these connections," says Skeen."The first step toward change is bringing awareness and understanding to these fears and the behaviors that are associated with them.""If you grew up in an environment in which you didn't trust the people close to you, didn't feel safe, or were abused, you are likely to fear being hurt," says Skeen.Do you sabotage your relationships – even when things seem to be going well, because you don’t want to have your heart broken down the road?Do you look for flaws in a potential mate as a way of ruling out any possibility for romance?This doesn’t mean you are “sick” or are not capable of love.

So many of our reactions, suspicions, and freak-outs stem from secret fears—and if we just took the time to recognize them before acting on them (and took a look at what's causing them) we might have better relationships as a result.

Thumbing his hands through his salt and pepper hair, he retorted, “You could say that”.

Between sobs, Courtney moaned, “You didn’t desire me Joey, so that’s why I called you a faggot.

I always came on to you and you were too tired or you had a headache. I was miserable, but I didn’t cheat, you did.” Turning to me and raising his voice, Joe said, “I told her a million times that I’m sorry but she won’t even talk to me.” Sobs aside, Courtney addressed Joe in an accusatory voice, “I think you’re still seeing Stacy.” Taking off his glasses as though they he did not want to see too clearly, Joe seethed, “That’s ridiculous.

She’s checking on me all the time and I can’t stand it.” I intervened and clarified, “You hurt her and so she’s suspicious.

This article will explore 7 specific signs that may suggest you struggle with abandonment issues.

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