Daniele donato dating ozzy


season 17 finale is a day away, and while one person will be crowned the winner, two will lose out on the 0,000 prize.

Of those two, one will be this season's runner-up, and although they'll be ,000 richer, they are still likely to be haunted by losing the coveted title.

If that doesn’t bring some “legitimacy” to the Tony Martin era, then the sound certainly should, as Cross Purposes is classic Sabbath in 90’s form.

Despite the sound and the top-notch musician line-up, Cross Purposes was not even supposed to be a Sabbath album.

This is truly odd as Cross Purposes has a very “Sabbath” feel to it.

There may be a “90’s rock” touch to it, but bands can’t stick to the same old song-and-dance for 30 years.

Plus, a new study reveals that watching an hour of television can shorten people’s lives by 22 minutes. Your Questions and Comments – We take your questions including a number of different Ding/Marry/Kills, some discussion of the upcoming Austin Powers 4 movie and a few Jersey Shore and Big Brother questions.

And yet I still see ridiculous references to Tony Martin copying Dio’s vocal style or head-scratching comments that the music became more power metal-oriented.

It’s been almost a month since Rob Cesternino and Nicole last recorded a Friggin 5 podcast, but they’re back to talk about the 5 things that are most on their minds including some new theme music for the Friggin 5 podcast. Big Brother Talk – We’re picking up where we left off on Big Brother with Daniele Donato becoming the new HOH and deciding to spare Brendon and Rachel and put Adam and Shelly on the block. Jersey Shore 4 – Love is in the air in the Jersey Shore house.

We talk about Shelly’s meltdown and whether Daniele made the right decision to not nominate Brenchel. Deena Nicole is still looking to hook up with Pauly D.

Seems like a fake Twitter account claiming to be Jo Jo's mother is spreading the rumors of Jo Jo's early exit. So, according to TVGrapevine, your alleged Big Brother returnees are Britney, Janelle, Dan (Big Brother 10), and Mike Boogie.

With that said, until we get concrete confirmation from CBS or any reputable source (and to avoid further potential spoilers), we suggest you take those names with a grain of salt.

Zap2It reports that, the most popular rumor on the net now is that Big Brother contestant Jo Jo Spatafora had a Chima-sized temper tantrum and quit the show after either a.) the reveal of the returning Houseguests or b.) after one of the returning HGs won the Ho H challenge.

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