Consolidating debt into home loan

If you’re interested in the savings you might make through consolidating your debt, a qualified mortgage broker is well placed to help you to explore your options.

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An option for you to consider is consolidating your debt by refinancing your home loan.

Depending on your situation, refinancing can attract a range of fees and other charges, including: You should factor in all of these costs when calculating whether refinancing works for you.

An Aussie Mortgage Broker can meet you to discuss your personal circumstances and help you identify the costs of refinancing your home loan.

Consolidating the two into a new, 15-year mortgage at 4.5 percent costs more per month, but less over the life of the loan.

A ,000 credit card balance at 16 percent interest plus a 0,000 mortgage at 4.5 percent interest rack up 0,936 in interest payments over the life of the loans.

Consolidating debt by refinancing your home loan has multiple benefits, depending on your circumstances.

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