Chatbot sandy

We have had a huge increase in activity on the wiki over the past several months. More and more users are getting involved in growing the wiki.

That's a simple user experience scenario, but things are always more complex from an application-development perspective.

The internet is a place of paradox; all the information in the world is at our fingertips, and yet getting the precise knowledge we're seeking can sometimes be maddeningly frustrating.

And sometimes, when searching for the answers you seek, you can wind up getting flooded with a whole lot of other noise, confusing your initial intentions, drowning the information you want.

What is going on under the hood in terms of chatbot development?

Agarwal: What we're demonstrating with that user scenario is how a developer builds the APIs, requesting, for example, a list of beers being offered and the seats that are available.

This fan who wants to buy tickets can engage with a chatbot instead of downloading mobile apps.

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