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A little boy who weighs 1 lb 11oz and a little girl who weighs 2lb. We don't know their names as Mummy isn't able to see them yet and they don't want to name them until she does.

The boy is breathing on his own but the girl isn't and they are both on antibiotics as they have slight infections, but apart from that they are "as well as can be expected". Many Congratulations on the birth of your grandchildren.

I panic every time my phone rings or bleeps with a message and there is a very weird mix of feelings going on. Fingers crossed for your little ones but they'll be fighters for sure. NICU have the most wonderful doctors and nurses, I'm sure your little dgc will grow and thrive. My friends daughter was born at 26 weeks weighing 2 lbs and has just celebrated her 36 th birthday. Wishing you all much happiness and joy, and looking forward to meeting up in a few weeks. Congratulations kitlong & your family I can add that my friends grandaughter was born very premature.

12 weeks early is so early all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. Yes they are teeny tiny, but so were my friend's twins - around the same size as your grandbabies - and the little boy across the road from us here - all very early babies. Congratulations Kitlong Ours son's twin boys were born at 26 weeks. I know only too well the panic when the phone bleeped and the worry when it didn't. 2 weeks ago we celebrated their 3rd birthdays and they are doing fine. My friend had tiny twins at 25 weeks one of whom only weighed 1lb 3oz..... And was so tiny she could fit on the palm of her step- grandad's hand.

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