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Good behavior knows no limits, and I, for one, have a code that I follow for the restroom.No one really taught me this code; I just kind of realized that I adhere to some weird guidelines. C’mon, I know at least the ladies know what I mean: undue noise with the toilet paper dispenser, a sudden minor coughing fit, blowing the nose, shuffling the feet…Then, you have two options: You can either buy a toilet training kit that can be found on such websites (Or, if you are the crafty type, you can build your own kit using an aluminum pan.Aggro - abbreviation for aggravated, aggressive, aggression. Av-a-go-yer-mug - a phrase used to encourage someone to put more effort into something. I think it goes hand in hand with another unspoken agreement in play in smaller public restrooms, like at work: If I’m in the stall and I hear you enter another stall, I have an obligation (if possible) to finish, exit, and wash up before you open your stall door.

Pooductive doesn't have much success on the i OS charts and currently stands outside of the top 500 free apps.

Newly launched Pooductive, an i OS app, developed by Ricardo Gruber and Marco Hernandez , uses location services to link up users who happen to be warming the porcelain at the same time.

The app can also link up people around the globe, just in case the local selection doesn't provide enough toilet time talk.

According to the makers, the overwhelming, unbearable, nay alienating boredom that we are all confronted with once a day (more or less) is an experience that each one of us can identify with.

"Technically, Pooductive is a messaging app, but it's so much more.

Compo - compensation for injury; workers compensation. Crook - sick, disabled, bad inferior; a thief; to get angry. Cut up - to cause distress to; to criticise severley.

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