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please pray for Denice who's prayer i read 5/17/17 i think i feel much the same and she feels very alone pray that God sends her true lloving Christian friends and companions and pray for her to be comforted What's the purpose? Ive been on several interviews but nothing has happened.

Hi I need prayer Iam really struggling right now with life Iam struggling with a drug addiction that I have been clean for a few months now but iam struggling right now with Depression I used to Barry the pain of my past I can't do it any more Iam seeing a counselor on May 31st Iam coming back to the faith of the lord I know I have Fallin off the ban wagon but I really need prayer right now Iam in a dark place at the moment please help me Lord help my neighbor he gets money but he uses it up on wicked things, I kno it seem wrong but I kno when people can buy drugs they cause a hardship because in truth why use or why should they do right when they can take advantage of an of old person, I KNOW IT SOUNDS BAD BUT I HATE BEING USED... in your perfect care,he up in age he does believe in God,he suffers through his body tough things to go threw..needs help with daily living..needs to be in high care facility they can take care of his ailments. It is the hardest exam to clear all over the world. Please pray my liver is healthy and that I did not damage my liver and that I may never have the urge to drink again and to forgive me of my sins and strengthen to resist pornagrahy and ungodly thinking and urges. First i would like to thank God for all he has done in my life.

LET ME GO FROM HERE TO DO GOOD NOT HAVE TO BE ANGRY JUST PRAY FOR THIS GUY GET IT TOGETHER..boyfriend gave me good advice I will follow it from now on...thankyou God. This is your friend Elena put in this prayer amen PRAISE THE LORE PASTOR, PLEASE PRAY FOR MY MOTHER NEETA VICTOR, SHE IS ADMITTED IN THE HOSPITAL FOR BIOPSY, TODAY DOCTOR WILL DO THIS SMALL OPERATION, PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL THE MEDICAL REPORTS TO BE NORMAL IN THIS TEST, I BELIEVE IN JESUS , HE IS OUR HEALER, PLEASE KEEP MY MOTHER IN YOUR PRAYER REGARDS, GAURAV, NEW DELHI/INDIA Please pray that I don't get myself in trouble, I tried to get a instagram account and when I put in my cell phone number they said a conformation text was sent is i pray I exited quickly enough so it didn't text my device or moms thanks Pray for those who are too,lazy to do right by knowing when they are delibertly misuse your kindness for weakness we live in an age it too easy to get your own fon,it has gone way too far Lord please help the young man get his self a fon! I thank him for all the blessings he has given me - both seen & unseen. I would ask you to join with me as i pray to my father in heaven to help me find a job.

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