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Here are five chat bots out on the market right now that will inspire you and get you thinking about how (Source: Raspberry Pi) Health Tap is a company started in 2010 to make healthcare more accessible.It’s a mobile app that lets users ask questions, share photos, get test results assessed, and get personalized referrals from real doctors.Many Chat let’s you broadcast messages to all your subscribers at once. Our Autoposting feature allows you to automatically post feeds from other sources to your Facebook bot.You can use this to send news, content updates, valuable notifications or anything else, that your users subscribed to. For example, you can connect the RSS feed of your blog to Many Chat and we’ll do a messenger broadcast every time you post something new.The old-school method involves pen and paper coupled with some math, and the new-school method involves Gym Bot, a Facebook Messenger bot that tracks your training efforts.

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But we definitely have some time to kill before we’re living in a utopia of chirpy, always-on chat bots attentive to our every need.These tools are everything you need to create engaging experiences for your audience.Make your bot more functional with keyword replies.Modern AI chatbots come in a variety of forms, from stand-alone mobile apps to messaging apps integrated into social networks, and their use varies widely.Christie Pitts, Head of Operations at Backstage Capital, thinks that Selecting best chat bots is a daunting task.It’s easy: just set up a keyword and define a reply.

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