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Early on, Nikki started cutting the hair off her dolls and the manes of her toy horses.When she was around four years old, she began saving everything – broken toys, pieces of glass, old batteries and dog poo – in a mound on top of a dresser in her closet.Sometimes the owner knows about the asset, but is unaware that it has been decleared abandoned and turned over to the state.For example, here are a few of the most common scenarios in which you could "misplace" your money and not even know about it: Perhaps you moved your money to a new bank, but forgot about an account or safe deposit box you left with the old bank.

It’s built into our cultural DNA dating as far back as the 1920s.

In Jazz Age America, the car was a symbol of freedom β€” a chance to escape your small town and the watchful eyes of parents.

It allowed men and women to sneak off together in a way never possible before.

( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana) White House Spokesman Josh Earnest, asked about the shooting Monday, said, "There's no denying the corrosive effect that some of these false reports have had on our political debate ...

It's deeply troubling that some of those false reports could lead to violence."At a first appearance Monday in D. Superior Court, Welch appeared handcuffed in a white jumpsuit and was ordered held pending a hearing Thursday.

Money that belongs to you might be sitting in a state unclaimed property office, just waiting for you to claim it.

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