Are ian and nina dating in real life

“Nina and Ian do not want to tell anyone about the resumption of their love affair, even their friends, because they are afraid of excessive media attention to their relationship: that’s why they broke up last year – they could’t stand the endless photos and questions from the fans,” – admitted the friends of the couple to British portal Celeb Laundry.

However, the quality of the popular series “The Vampire Diaries” as well as the interest of the fans to it will only grow because of the workplace romance between Dobrev and Somerhalder.

, they had clear chemistry and began dating and were constantly in the spotlight together.

They flaunted their relationship on Twitter and Instagram and walked red carpets holding hands.

(If you haven’t yet seen the finale of , stop reading now!

Unfortunately, she had to say an extremely emotional goodbye to him when he died.

Even though Nina was sort of seeing celebrity dancer Derek Hough after the split, during their time together Nina was rumored to be hooking up with Ian — for a friends with benefits situation.

This made the public wonder: are they While a celebrity romance/relationship itself entertains the public, the waiting and waiting and hoping and hoping for a broken pair to reunite generates a similar allure.

Character names: Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore Years dated in real life: 2 Though she's 10 years his junior, photos show the 23-year-old Nina Dobrev is getting serious with her co-star Ian Somerhalder.

The two met on set, while Ian was playing a bloodsucking vampire who regularly tows the line between protagonist and antagonist.

However, Nina Dobrev isn’t at all, according to a new report.

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