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Looking at the list shows the contours of the fight — and how different states are struggling to define a person’s “sex.” I got my numbers from the National Center for Transgender Equality, an advocacy organization that has tracked all state-level bills that were introduced in the 2016 legislative session and contain provisions that the center believes target transgender people.

(I confirmed the details of the bills myself.) As of Tuesday, the center was tracking 49 bills, 32 of which dealt with bathroom access.

In November 2015, Houston voters overturned a nondiscrimination ordinance to prevent it from allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms that matched their gender identity.

Then someone like Alex (we used a pseudonym to protect Alex’s privacy) walks into the room, and everything we thought we knew about gender flies out the window. Gender exists between your ears—it’s how you feel about yourself. In the parlance of gender development, sex exists between your legs—it’s your biology, your chromosomes, your anatomy. We make these categorizations in a split second dozens of times every day.Some kids know their gender identities and birth sexes don’t match almost as soon as they begin to talk.More than a third (12) of those bathroom bills are still actively being considered (the rest died in committee or were otherwise put on hold).

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