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In the navy this seaman is placed just above the ordinary sailor.

His job description varies from one organization to another.

Visa category chosen by an applicant must be based on the purpose of travel to Finland and the decision must be made by the applicant him/herself - Visa Centre staff will not be able to assist you in making this decision.

An application filled incorrectly and carelessly can cause denial of a visa.

He later served in an instructional role before taking part in intelligence operations against the Germans during World War II. Federal Court in New York convicted Fisher on three counts of conspiracy as a Soviet spy for his involvement in what became known as the Hollow Nickel Case and sentenced him to 30 years' imprisonment at Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, Georgia.

After the war, he began working for the KGB, which sent him to the United States where he worked as part of a spy ring based in New York City. He served just over four years of his sentence before he was exchanged for captured American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers.

Having experience in working with navigation equipment is another strict requirement.

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Following his recruitment, he worked for the OGPU as a radio operator in Norway, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and France.

He returned to the Soviet Union in 1936, as head of a school that trained radio operators destined for duty in illegal residences.

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