A rod dating wwe diva

No word yet on if Wojcicki will show up at any Yankees games this season, but after their big Stub Hub flub this off-season, there should be plenty of good seats available.

The athletic lovers enjoyed a day of sunshine in Miami on Monday, stripping down to swimsuits as they lounged by the pool.

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In 2013, several Major League Baseball players (A-Rod being one of them) were accused of using steroids.The two were spotted this month biking together in Miami, Florida.Wilson, 36, reportedly spent time with Rodriguez over the holidays in her hometown of Boise, Idaho.We’re told that A-Rod and Wilson, a model, actress and former WWE Diva, have broken up because the third baseman wasn’t willing to commit, and also because his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis, still plays a large role in his life.One source said, “Alex and Torrie would fight over his flirtations with other women, and he wasn’t ready to settle down again,” while another source said that he and Cynthia — whom he has two daughters with and divorced in 2008 — have remained close.Off the field, A-Rod has proven himself to be quite the player as well.

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