A records not updating


The DNS (phone network in our example) then accepts the call and redirects it to the right server that your site is hosted on.Because DNS is the system that connects your visitors to your site you need to ensure it is configured correctly!For example, if you set nameservers, enable forwarding or masking, enable DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions), set hosts and IP addresses, create mobile websites, or enable Cash ParkingĀ®, you update your domain name's zone file.

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If instead you've selected to use our DNS server then checkout Redelegation - Pointing your domain to our name servers from a domain registrar .

If I load the store again I can see the changes, if I click on the record I can see the the data displayed in the form is the new edited data.

But the record in the grid continues to display the data as it was before the edit. I'm expecting record.set() to update the record in the grid.

While we strive to make updates as quickly as possible, the DNS propagation time for your domain name depends on several factors that we cannot control.

Many of the updates you can make in the Domain Manager affect the DNS records in your domain name's zone file.

Finally, do the following: Update your domain's NS records to point to Office 365.

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